Songs of Empowerment

I may have mentioned somewhere that I write music.  I’ve always had some musical ability but I have not been formally trained and I used to make up songs for co-workers’ birthdays, retirements, etc., you know, fun stuff.  But two years ago I decided to take song writing seriously and I hooked up with a songwriter / actress / musician on line who has been helping me develop my songwriting craft.   I’ve learned that I am a “top line” writer which means I write lyrics and melody.  I don’t know how to play the piano, or anything else for that matter, but I was so driven in writing my music that I taught myself how to play guitar.   I’m not that good and don’t expect to rise to any other level than amateur.  For some of you old enough to understand this reference, I consider myself the Burt Bacharach of guitar.    As a 56-year-old woman I did not have to dig too deep for inspiration.   My songs are important to me because they are about empowerment; about taking off your mask from trying to be what others want and take a stand and be yourself.  There are a few “for fun” songs though.  One is a song about Starbucks that I professionally recorded while at a music writers conference in California.  Anyway, over the next few months I will be featuring my songs.  I always say, “It’s not about the singing, it’s about the song.”  So, I admonish everyone to listen closely to the words and not so much the singing.   I hope you will take the time to listen and to give me some feedback ’cause this “old dog” is still learnin!