Pet Therapy Facebook Page

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you will know that I have a personal interest in Pet Therapy both as a pet lover and as someone who has benefited from Pet Therapy.  I’ve created some designs promoting Pet Therapy and I market them through my website.  I also write music and I know how beneficial music therapy can be.   My favorite design is posted here featuring a variety of pets as therapists (not only cats and dogs) that are playing musical instruments or whistling. I thought, what could be better than Musical Pet Therapists!  It’s a little silly, I know, but the image makes me smile.  I have a Facebook Page entitled Pet Therapy that is dedicated to posting stories featuring Pet Therapists in action as well as articles from various publications on how to go about getting your pet certified as a Pet Therapist and on other topics that may be related.

Check out the merchandise and the Pet Therapy Facebook page if you get a chance.  People from all over the world have commented and posted things they’ve come across.  I am new at this ecommerce thing but once things get rocking and rolling I plan to contribute  some of the proceeds from my sales to local pet rescue agencies and shelters.