Pet Therapists Validate

In these series of posts or blogs that I will be writing about pet therapy any reference to “pet therapists” is the pet that’s providing the therapy….they have a job to do that they do proudly so we’ll give them a title!

People with debilitating injuries or illness are by the nature of their condition reclusive.  They’re in a nursing home or in a family member’s home or some other facility and they are not able to get out and interact with people.   Wouldn’t that be horrible if the only person that came to see you was a medical professional and then most of their conversation would be with the caregiver rather than directly with you.

Then imagine a pet therapist coming to see YOU and only YOU!  How special is that for a furry animal (or feathery animal) to come visit and spend time with you.  The pet therapist looks straight into your eyes, maybe licks your hand, and without words communicates with you in a way no one else can.  I sure would feel a sense of validation… that I’m important enough for this pet therapist to go to a lot of trouble to travel and with its owner to visit ME!